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Hiring: Part-Time Operations Manager

General office duties

  • Professional dress and appearance at all times.
  • Keep DR updated with all communication with clients to maintain continuity of communication between client, Operations Manager and DR.
  • Maintain a detailed folder for each property (contracts, showings, advertising, open houses, deadlines, marketing etc.)
  • Be on time and ready to work every day to maintain a good solid working relationship with DR and client.

Manage Incoming Calls

Answer the phone with a friendly and upbeat attitude and show a caring attitude to everyone who comes in contact with our team and company.

  • Maintain communication logs and place into folders

Be able to prioritize incoming calls and know how to handle different types of calls.

  • Priority requests. These calls demand DR’s immediate attention. This category might include repeat clients and buyers interested in high-priced properties. The Operations Manager will forward these requests directly to DR and answer them as soon as possible, preferably within the hour.
  • Personal response. This type of call also requires a direct response but is not as time critical. This might include potential customers who want to make an appointment or who have in-depth questions about the home selling process. Everyone who requests a personal response should receive one. The DR should, however, respond to these messages as quickly as time permits, by the close of business the same day, if possible. If for some reason the DR cannot call back, the Operations Manager can call back and cover for DR until the DR can make the call.
  • Informational response. The Operations Manager can handle this type of call, which typically includes basic questions about DR’ services, general information about the team, and requests for a basic listing sheet (if licensed) and brochure about a property.

Administrative Duties

  • Coordinate mail flow by scheduling and tracking direct mailings to prospects and past clients.
  • Update mailing/database lists by adding new prospects and making address changes as needed.
  • Managing advertising production by keeping a log to ensure that advertising materials and related billing are mailed to printers on a timely basis.
  • Proofread materials, such as advertising copy, personal letters to top clients and direct mail promotions, for content and clarity.
  • Coordinate appointment schedules for open houses, listing presentations, showings, closing meetings and other appointments.
  • Maintain a document log for each transaction as a way of ensuring that necessary materials are being received and filed properly.
  • Maintain production pipeline for DR.
  • Run errands, such as putting up and taking down “For Sale” signs, picking up and dropping off contracts, and adding and removing lock-boxes.
  • Fulfill miscellaneous administrative tasks, such as ordering stationery and supplies, accepting deliveries, screening phone calls and making copies.
  • Follow up with buyers and sellers after the transaction to solicit feedback on the transaction experience.

Personal Marketing

  • To the extent not being performed by our outside digital media firm, schedule and organize personal marketing advertising on a monthly basis to ensure constant personal marketing.
  • Track all marking activity expenses
  • Track all marketing per property
  • Manage mailing lists
  • Proof all material
  • Locate vendors to produce and distribute marketing materials and request prices from them, assuring the best quality products for the best prices.
  • Maintain routine contacts with graphic designers, printers, mailers and other vendors to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Keep track of production, billing and shipping dates for advertising materials such as flyers and brochures.
  • Enter new contact names, address, and emails from information request, open house guest logs and other sources in our database. Make address corrections as they are received in databases.
  • Follow up on marketing materials with phone calls to make sure that customers received the letters and see if they are a current prospect for us to contact.
  • Manage clerical tasks such as stuffing envelopes, addressing mailings and applying postage

Website Maintenance/Digital Media

  • Work with outside website/social media firm to ensure workflow is tracking and consistent with the objectives of the DR.
  • Provide content to outside digital media firm as requested and available, including IG posts.

Event Planning

If DR wants to hold a key client appreciation event, event planning requires keeping tabs on a multitude of nagging details. The Operations Manager can coordinate the finer points of arranging the DR event so that the DR will have time to talk with clients and prospects.

Event coordination shall include:

  • Finding a caterer to provide refreshments.
  • Distributing invitations, save the dates and following up with invitees.
  • Securing the services of a photographer, if needed, to capture the event for future promotions.
  • Preparing materials for the presentation, such as arranging take-away materials or “swag bag”
  • Gathering feedback after the event through attendee surveys.

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