Giving Back to
the Community

Giving Back to
the Community

Dear Friends,

October begins the hectic last quarter of the year where the focus shifts to holiday planning, giving back, and tax planning.

For my family, we have found the organization, Food for Others, to be particularly meaningful. Food for Others has been operating since 1995 as a safety net for those that hope to eliminate the need to choose between food and other basic necessities such as housing and healthcare. Not only does the organization perfectly align with my desire for others to have the basic necessities in life, but my volunteer work with Food for Others has allowed me and my family to participate in filling weekend bags with food as a part of a larger collective of people wanting to give back. Pictured to the left is a recent visit to support this wonderful organization.

These volunteer outings allow me to make a connection to my community through more than just my words and it gives me gratitude to see this food going immediately from these weekend bags to folks most directly in need. No matter what your passion, please consider donating whatever you can in terms of your time and financial resources during this important season of giving. The rewards will create a very powerful return on your time and money!

To learn more about Food for Others click here.



Vice President, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

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