How to Improve Curb Appeal

How to Improve
Curb Appeal

Before even stepping through the front door of your listing, homebuyers already have formed first impressions of your property. The exterior state of your home is indicative of its interior—and for good reason. While a poorly maintained exterior detracts from the property as whole, an attractive façade invites potential buyers to learn more about your home. Here are some simple ways to boost your property’s curb appeal:


Curb appeal starts with the condition of your landscaping. Grass, shrubs, and any other foliage around your property should be considered when making improvements. Rather than hiding your house, trees should be maintained to accent your property. If there are any dead trees or precarious limbs hanging over your house, a professional can be hired to remove them safely.

Paint the House

Although painting your home’s exterior can be expensive, it may be necessary if the current paint is dated or worn. If you decide your exterior needs a revamp, first do some research into which colors are the most attractive to homebuyers. Hues that are overly dated or too bright will reduce your home’s curb appeal. To quickly update the appearance of your home, consider renewing the trim with a fresh coat of paint.

Highlight Your Home Online

Curb appeal extends beyond open houses and private viewings; for most potential buyers, the first impression of your property will start online. Does the quality of your home come across clearly in its photos? Capture the best aspects of your home’s exterior through photography to make a strong first impression. Ensure your exterior is clean and free of any clutter—such as cars in the driveway or toys on the front steps—before taking pictures. A real estate agent can help to ensure your home is portrayed appealingly. To learn more about how professional marketing can maximize your home’s curb appeal, visit here.

Clean the Roof

More than just an aesthetic concern, your property’s roof and gutters can lead to structural damage if not well maintained. Potential buyers will be on the lookout for warning signs of their state, since neglected exteriors can be a major home expense. Sagging gutters, algae growth, and loose shingles should be remedied immediately. With proper maintenance, your roof and gutters can add to the appeal of your property.

Remove Personal Possessions

Although the lawn ornaments and personal decor may be to your taste, it’s best to present your home in a clean, professional manner. Stray lawn chairs, piles of children’s toys, or other personal belongings are distracting to potential buyers. To boost the curb appeal of your property, clean out personal possessions and store them somewhere safe.

Positive first impressions are essential when selling your home. By putting the time into improving curb appeal, you can attract more homebuyers to your property. If you are looking for professional guidance when preparing your home to sell, please contact me today.

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