Living in:
Dunn Loring, VA

Living in:
Dunn Loring, VA

About Dunn Loring:

A suburb of D.C., Dunn Loring is ranked one of the top ten places to live in Virginia. With a population of only 9,158 people and roughly two-square miles, Dunn Loring has an immense small town feel even with its close proximity to commercial centers. With a myriad of housing options, living in Dunn Loring VA offers an oasis of quiet living, greenery and many single-family homes with a strong community feel.

And because Dunn Loring is such a small town, it has the perks of being essentially one large neighborhood. The houses that line the curvy streets are filled with shady trees and wide wooden benches and have an old time feel, with many buildings and streets having 100 to 200 year-old histories. Sandburg Street, centrally located in the area, was named after the celebrated author and poet Carl Sandburg who was among the troops trained at camps in Dunn Loring during the Spanish-American War.

Dunn Loring’s history can be traced back to 1886 and is one of the first communities established in Virginia. The first homes were advertised in 1887 and some of the over 100 year-old clapboard structures are still lived in today. There are a myriad of housing options ranging from buildings that have more unique history such as the Colonials built during the housing boom following World War 2 to those built more recently. And while the city is only a short drive away, many homes are still able to have great backyards.

Dunn Loring Community:

Because Dunn Loring is so small, it is able to have a tight-knit community able to put on fun community events. Dunn Loring is known for its family-oriented feel and great schools with many members of the community citing the schools as a large factor for choice to live in Dunn Loring. Dunn Loring is also filled with lots of outdoor activities provided by Dunn Loring Park called a ‘mini National Mall’ by residents. This park as well as the W&OD Trail is a host for trails, picnic areas, courts and more and are quite popular with joggers, bikers, and dog-walkers. There is also a tennis clinic, and a hidden gem swimming complex with community courts as well. For a special shopping experience, the Mosaic District is a great option with the trendy shops, boutiques, entertainment, and eateries. Tysons Corner is also located right outside of Dunn Loring for more stores and department shopping.

Transportation from Dunn Loring:

Commuting to work in Dunn Loring is not complicated with easy access to four Metro stops. They are: Dunn Loring-Merrifield and West Falls Church-VT/UVA on the Orange Line as well as the East Falls Church and McLean on the Silver Line. Travelling by car is also convenient with access to major traffic corridors such as Interstates 495 and 66, minutes away. Leesburg Pike/Virginia Route 7 is also nearby. Cycling is also a popular means of transportation with the Washington and Old Dominion Regional Trail closeby.

Making Dunn Loring Home:

If you are interested in making Dunn Loring your home, contact me to discuss all the benefits and to see current listings.

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