The Hottest Home Trends in 2021

The Hottest Home Trends in 2021

The new year is a great time to reassess and revamp your living space and at-home lifestyle and reflecting on what the hottest home trends in 2021 is a great starting point for this process. While home design trends are constantly changing, there are some that have staying power. A major theme of 2021 designs trended toward comfortability and functionality, which is a great example of a trend with staying power. Other trends to have emerged in 2021 emulated joyful and optimistic decor as evidenced by Pantone’s Color of the Year: Illuminating, a warm and bright yellow. Read on for a curated list of some of the five hottest home design trends in 2021 to inspire you and your home decor in 2022.

Trend #1: Back to Traditions

While past trends tended to spotlight more modern styles accentuating Scandinavian or mid-century modern designs, 2021 styles have leaned back into the traditional roots of home design due to a newer emphasis on comfort and familiarity. This includes pieces like slipcovered sofas, more wooden accents seen in headboards or nightstands, artwork that play with classic prints, and more simple silhouettes focused on symmetry.

Trend #2: All Natural

In addition to the comfort of traditional styles, natural textures, tones, and materials are also all the rage. Rugs are a great place to show off this style, with more natural textures such as jute, wool, or silk. And decor pieces made from wood, rattan, or woven materials accentuate this style as well. Natural colors like sage green, beige, warm browns, rusts, and peach will also continue to surge.

Trend #3: Fancy Flooring

Flooring had its moment in 2021, and creative flooring is not going out of style anytime soon. Terracotta and travertine paved floors are a way to bring the outdoors inside and create a unique look. Tiles are also an easy way to bring intrigue while staying true to your style. If you are looking to get your craft on, painting patterns onto the flooring was also a major trend this year focused on enlivening a space.

Trend #4: Old is New

Trends always circle back around, with obsessions for vintage pieces, old floral prints, and wicker furniture making a comeback this year. Good quality pieces never truly go out of style and are always a safe bet when looking for new furniture. Antique shops are a great way to find items that have a history but these types of pieces are something to add to a collection gradually with furniture that tells a story or speaks to your style.

Trend #5: Multi-Purpose Spaces

With the pandemic forcing many people to work from home, it’s no surprise that functionality was a main theme of this year’s design trends. Finding ways to repurpose pieces, or rooms to best accommodate a changing lifestyle was a major concept this year. Built-in desks to bookshelves or other existing furniture, as well as space-saving pieces like pocket doors can help with turning rooms from office spaces in the day to family-friendly rooms later on.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the latest trends in home design. Don’t hesitate to contact me if your dream for 2022 is finding the best home in the Northern Virginia and DC region that suits your needs and design aesthetic.

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