How to Choose the
Right Neighborhood

How to Choose the
Right Neighborhood

Buying a home is a huge step in life whether it is your very first home or you have purchased and sold several times in your life. In either scenario, this is a huge investment and is a decision that requires careful contemplation. When it comes to buying a home, a vital part of the search is choosing the neighborhood right for you. There are several different ways to make sure you are making a good choice.

Imagine your perfect neighborhood

You want to make sure you have a vision of what your perfect neighborhood would look like. This will help with narrowing down what to look for when searching for your ideal neighborhood. Making a pro and cons list will also help with this step in the process of finding you that neighborhood you want to call home.

What to consider

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. For example, do you have children, or are you planning to have children in the future? This is important as a parent/future parent. You want to make sure to research the schools in the areas you are considering buying a home. You may also want to be close to local parks and other community facilities. Another question to ask yourself is how far are you willing to commute to work? If you are someone who commutes, distance from work can be a deal- breaker. Do you prefer to drive, walk, or take the Metro? You want to make sure you consider the various modes of transportation near the neighborhoods you are considering.

Check out the area

When driving through the areas on your list to potentially move to, it’s important to be aware of the neighborhood and surrounding area. Look at the condition of the houses and see if people are taking care of their property. Research each of the HOAs for various neighborhoods to find out what their expectations are for the residents. It’s also nice to observe how people interact with you. Another great thing to investigate is if there are future development plans for the area that could affect you (positively or negatively) in the future.


Some people value being close to grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. If you enjoy the outdoors- also consider the proximity to outdoor parks, trails, and other areas to enjoy nature. This will be fun research as you consider various neighborhoods to hopefully soon call home.

Whether you are ready to tackle all these considerations in choosing the right neighborhood for you, it’s also best to consult with a realtor. I would be happy to discuss your “pro and con” list for neighborhoods, your thoughts on this big step, and answer any questions you may have. As a lifetime resident in Northern Virginia, I know all the surrounding communities well. And if you are relocating to the DC metro region and find this process overwhelming, contact me. I have worked with countless people relocating to the area and pride myself on providing valuable support to each client making the move to DC and Northern Virginia.

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