The Importance of Community

The Importance
of Community

Dear Friends,

Losing a loved one in your family is never easy. Even a pet. This past week, our oldest dog Chance sadly passed away. While we knew his health had been declining for the better part of a year, it was difficult to say goodbye to such an integral part of our family for so many years. We shared countless memories together, ranging from his meeting our newborn daughters when they arrived home from the hospital to walks with him all over DC and Vienna to as far back as the first day I met him (he was originally my wife’s dog) when he raced out of my wife’s condo to the front door like his head was on fire to greet me.

While events in life like this cause pain, it is often times the loving and caring community of neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers that get you through these tough moments. Our family witnessed an incredible amount of support and love over the last several days after Chance’s passing.

All of this underscores the value of neighborhood and community as part of every real estate decision. Although is an important financial and life decision, it also builds a community of people to reply on when difficult moments confront us and we need others to help us cope and sustain.

As always, if you need any help on real estate issues, please reach out.


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