I worked with Doug on three separate occasions. When he was part of another org. I purchased my first home, which was a new build, with Doug. He was extremely informative, readily available, and walked us through the process as new homebuyers.

When it came time to sell, we again used Doug. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and quick. Our home sold at a very competitive price, and I have to thank Doug for his guidance through navigating each step.

When I found myself back on the market to purchase a home, this is where I learned just how valuable having Doug as a partner came into play. Buying a new build and selling that (still) new home in a hot market was easy to navigate, but where Doug truly helped was where I needed an expert Realtor’s advice. Should I buy a townhome or a single-family home? What location should I be targeting? What should I be okay with having in or taking out of negotiations when putting in an offer? Doug let us know what we should flex on and what we shouldn’t. He was protective of us as buyers, which really set him apart from the rest. He is professional, courteous, not pushy, available at all times, and has such an amazing services approach. He is a true partner and advisor and I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Kolleen L.