Liz M.  – Buyer


From the moment we met Doug, we knew we wanted him to be our realtor. Doug was recommended to us by a friend who had worked with him multiple times and has had many of her friends work with him as well. We interviewed four other agents and Doug stood out the most by far! Doug has all the qualities you need in a realtor. He is punctual, thorough, receptive and honest. He made the process of buying a house so much easier and less stressful. We always felt as though he had our best interests in mind. He recognized and appreciated our needs very early on in the process and was able to guide us as well as support us through the difficulties of a competitive market. Doug also was able to recommend multiple other resources including financial, title, etc. This streamlined the process and gave us an edge in the market. Doug is also friendly and communicates well with other agents and sellers. This is extremely important, especially when we were up against so many other buyers. He can be persuasive and efficient without being overbearing or pushy like many other agents we have met. On a personal note, Doug was someone we could also talk and laugh with. It wasn't always just "business." He is a family man and he understands the importance of relationships and the appropriate work-life balance and we appreciated that. We look forward to keeping in touch with Doug as we settle into our new home and when it comes time to buy again, we look forward to working with him again! Liz M.

Davina F. – Buyer and Seller


There’s a certain peacefulness that comes with knowing that you have someone who is looking out for your interests, checks in with you regularly, responds to your requests, and helps reassure you when you go off the path of your checklist. That’s why I was so happy that I selected Doug Richards as my real estate agent. He has an overall great demeanor, is easy to work with, not at all the pushy type, and willing to assist you every step of the way. I’ve worked with Doug on three house-related transactions now, two buying and one selling, and couldn’t have been luckier to have worked with him. He definitely has your back when it comes to ensuring that the home-buying and selling experience is satisfying and successful. I highly recommend him as a real estate agent! Davina F.

Cameron C.  – Buyer


Doug Richards did a tremendous job for my wife and me recently when we purchased a home in DC. Doug is professional, responsive, highly skilled, and experienced in all aspects of buying and selling homes, and is an absolute delight to work with. My wife and I used Doug five years ago when we purchased a home in Alexandria, VA. He exceeded our expectations both times. We would highly recommend Doug Richards for all of your real estate needs. Cameron C.

Kolleen L. – Buyer and Seller


I worked with Doug on three separate occasions. When he was part of another org. I purchased my first home, which was a new build, with Doug. He was extremely informative, readily available, and walked us through the process as new homebuyers. When it came time to sell, we again used Doug. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and quick. Our home sold at a very competitive price, and I have to thank Doug for his guidance through navigating each step. When I found myself back on the market to purchase a home, this is where I learned just how valuable having Doug as a partner came into play. Buying a new build and selling that (still) new home in a hot market was easy to navigate, but where Doug truly helped was where I needed an expert Realtor's advice. Should I buy a townhome or a single-family home? What location should I be targeting? What should I be okay with having in or taking out of negotiations when putting in an offer? Doug let us know what we should flex on and what we shouldn't. He was protective of us as buyers, which really set him apart from the rest. He is professional, courteous, not pushy, available at all times, and has such an amazing services approach. He is a true partner and advisor and I couldn't recommend him enough! Kolleen L.

Bonnie F. – Buyer and Seller


I had an incredible experience working with Doug - from advising us on the state of the market, to helping us find the right time to put our property on the market and recommending steps to take to prepare the property best for sale, to flawlessly executing on our open houses, and then finally getting us through to sale, he was terrific. Doug is always available, always responsive, and truly values his clients and the real estate experience for them. We highly recommend him, and would work with him again in a minute! Bonnie F.

Kate I. – Buyer and Seller


I don’t typically submit online reviews, but I absolutely had to do so for Doug. Buying and selling real estate can be extremely stressful, even for experienced buyers/sellers, but Doug made the entire process, from beginning to end, as seamless and easy as possible for my husband and me. We have both had some really bad realtors in the past, so we know firsthand that there is a wide range of purported professionals out there ready to help you buy or sell your property. We can both say that without a doubt, Doug has been the best we've used. He went above and beyond the call of duty to get both of our properties sold in under two weeks (one of them even before the open house - and above our asking price), which well exceeded our expectations. He was proactive, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable, not to mention easy and fun to work with. The best thing about Doug is his communication style - he was always there for us by phone or in person, always ready to answer whatever question we had. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable realtor who will go the extra mile for you to help you through the buying or selling process. Kate I.

Julia M. – Buyer and Seller


Doug has helped me to sell and buy our homes and it was an incredible experience working with him in the last 5 years! His great knowledge of the DMV area, customer service, can “do” attitude, going above and beyond for his clients, plus helping through every step of the way moving in or moving out made it so much easier for me while going through these transactions! Highly recommend Doug as he will make your selling or buying experience truly five stars! Julia M.

Tim O.  – Buyer


Doug was very knowledgeable and had great knowledge of the market. He gave a very thorough analysis of the comps in the building and in the surrounding area. He was very responsive to my questions and kept me up to date on all traffic we had. All paperwork was discussed prior to signing and there were no surprises in the closing process. Tim O.

Michele C.  – Buyer


Doug Richards did a tremendous job for us recently when we purchased a home in DC. He is professional, responsive, highly skilled at all aspects of buying and selling homes, and was an absolute delight to work with during the entire process. We also used Doug five years ago when we purchased a home in Alexandria, VA. He exceeded our expectations then, too. We highly recommend Doug Richards for all your real estate needs! Michele C.

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